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Choosing the right dishes at a restaurant can be quite a dilemma for many restaurant goers. However at Spoon and Fork Queensway, we take the guessing out of the equation with our signature 'All You Can Taste" lunch and dinner menus, filled with the best in Japanese and Thai cuisine.
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Our Menus are comprised of our A La Carte menus, which let's you order by dish and is also comprised of our signature 'All You Can Taste' menu. We also offer catering and take out services.
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Spoon and Fork Queensway offers you a buffet dining experience that feels like it's exclusive to royalty. Order as many food items as you wish off our 'All You Can Taste' menu and be served as many times as you like without having to get out of your seat.

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Spoon and Fork Queensway provides you with upscale decor and great tasting food for a variety of preferences.
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