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Prince Steakhouse takes pride in the presentation of its dishes to our guests. We always prepare our food with great care and beautifully present it to you before you divulge and savour the taste of Japan. In addition, Japanese food is traditionally fresh, healthy and low in fat so you’ll know you’ll enjoy a mouthwatering meal without sacrificing your health.
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The entertaining style of Teppanyaki cooking is just one part of the dining show experience. At Prince Steakhouse we have a wide variety of food items to satisfy your preferences during your visit. We have our signature steaks that are so tender that you don’t need a knife to cut it. We also have traditional Japanese sushi and hand rolls that you will find in traditional Japanese restaurants. Our food will make us one of the go-to places for you to impress somebody and show them how knowledgeable you are in choosing astonishing Japanese cuisine.
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Prince Steakhouse gives you an astonishing food experience from beginning to end. Our chefs have extensive experience in the cooking style of Teppanyaki; from entertaining you with their skilled maneuvers during the cooking process to delivering fine Japanese cuisine to warm up your taste buds. At Prince Steakhouse the food is the entertainment.

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Prince Steakhouse is favoured for its interactive and engaging cooking experience. We also have a friendly and fast wait staff that you can call on for your every need. By combining fast and friendly service along with a cooking experience you thought you can only witness on television, Prince Steakhouse gives you a wonderful dining atmosphere that will turn you from being just a guest to a fan of Prince Steakhouse.
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